Athletic Scholarships

For student athletes, getting  Athletic Scholarships can be part of the answer to the question of how to pay for college.


Athletic scholarships are a sort of financial aid determined by a student’s participation in a range of sports, including hockey and football. Some scholarships provide full rides, paying for tuition, board, and books in full. College and university sports teams can attract and sign talented players by offering athletic scholarships. This kind of financial help, like many scholarships, frequently calls for a student to fulfill some requirements in addition to their athletic prowess, such as a minimum GPA, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities. 


Types Of Athletic Scholarships


There are two types of athletic scholarships: Full and Partial.


 Some collegiate teams only offer full ride scholarships, known as head count sports and others offer both full and partial scholarships , known as equivalency sports. 


Head count sports can only offer full scholarships to a limited number of players on the team.


Equivalency sports can offer full scholarships and can also divide full scholarships into partial scholarships and give the athletic scholarships to more members of the team.


Athletic Scholarships For International Students


  • University of Strathclyde Business School Postgraduate Taught Performance Sport Scholarship in UK:


The SBS International Taught Postgraduate Performance Sport Scholarship aims to enable talented student-athletes who are regularly competing at International level to follow a dual career. Consequently, the programme provides academic flexibility (where feasible), World-Class sports science and medical support, and financial assistance towards training and competition costs.


The Performance Sport Scholarship Programme is offered on a one-year renewable basis based on the Performance Sport Panel’s review of applications each year.


Performance Sport Scholars are provided with a comprehensive support package equating to a cash equivalent of up to £7,000.


  • University of Nottingham Foundation Sports funding for International Students in UK:


University of Nottingham offers a range of sports scholarship packages for high-achieving athletes in any sport.


The foundation sports scholarship package covers sports and fitness membership, specialist facilities and support, including physiotherapy support, with a scholarship value of £2,500.


The foundation’s  bronze, silver and gold packages also include financial support of £1,000 to £8,000 towards training and competition expenses, plus a range of other benefits including mentoring, sports psychology and nutrition advice, contributing to a total scholarship value of £4,500 to £13,500.


The foundation also offers International Sporting Excellence Scholarships for international students with outstanding sporting ability, covering £5,000 towards tuition fees


  • IUKL Sports Excellence funding for International Students in Malaysia:


This scholarship is offered to students with outstanding sports achievement at the state and national level. This scholarship is for both Malaysian and International students who have represented the state or the country in any sports competition, three years prior to joining IUKL. Students will enjoy either 50% or 100% scholarship depending on their eligibility.


  • Sports funding for International Students at Macquarie University, Australia:


Macquarie has one of the most generous international scholarship programs in Australia. This includes a wide variety of long and short term opportunities for international students. The range of scholarships available can depend on the country you are from, with other eligibility factors including sporting achievements.


  • University of Chester International Sports Scholarships in UK:


The University of Chester is offering the Sports Scholarships program for international students in the United Kingdom. The Sports Awards program is available for students who can demonstrate active representation at the national or international level and are also ready to undertake an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program.


  • Swansea University Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) in the UK


If you’re looking to combine university study with high performance sport training, then Swansea’s University’s Athlete scholarship is for you. Their  High Performance Sport and Talented Athlete Sport Scholarship programmes offer a comprehensive support package to help you achieve both your academic and your sporting goals.

Swansea’s University’s comprehensive scholarship programmes incorporate coaching, strength and conditioning training, psychology support and performance lifestyle coaching. Some of their scholarships also offer direct financial support.


  • Massey University Academy of Sport Scholarships in New Zealand, 2022


With flexible study options and multiple study locations, Massey has been recognised as Aotearoa New Zealand’s first athlete-friendly university.


Their Academy of Sport is a sport scholarship programme for emerging and high performance athletes, supporting you to achieve your best academically and in your sporting career.


  • International Sports Scholarships at University of the West of England, UK


If you are a high performing athlete, UWE Bristol offers exceptional opportunities to pursue your sporting ambitions with our International Sport Scholarships.


Recipients of this scholarship will be required to undertake ambassadorial activity for the University throughout the duration of their course.


Following graduation, recipients will also be expected to be an active member of the UWE Bristol Alumni Network by helping the University to promote its programmes to prospective students.


Eligibility criteria for Athletic Scholarships 


To be eligible for an athletic scholarship, student-athletes must meet certain eligibility requirements. They require you to meet a minimum academic standard and be considered an amateur athlete. However, just because you meet the minimum requirements for the school you want to play at doesn’t mean you will receive a scholarship. Your chances for an offer increase the better your academics are.


For international students, your country must be part of the list of countries in the NCAA – The National Collegiate Athletic Association.


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