Jackie Robinson Annual Scholarship 2023: How to Apply

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Annual Scholarship {JRF scholarship} will provide students who want to be future leaders with numerous leadership opportunities. 


You can apply for the Jackie Robinson scholarship for the year 2023, and you will be eligible to attend conferences in New York City for all of these scholars during the four years that the scholarship will be active for all of these scholars.


The Jackie Robinson Foundation offers a multifaceted experience aimed at meeting the financial needs of minority students pursuing an education. 


Minority high school seniors from the United States with SAT scores of 1000 or higher or ACT scores of 21 or higher are eligible. Financial need and other factors will be considered.


About the Jackie Robinson Annual Scholarship


Rachel Robinson established the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) in honor of her husband in 1973. The foundation provides opportunities for the next generation of leaders and innovators. It assists exceptional students from underrepresented groups in pursuing undergraduate studies.


The annual scholarship is worth up to $30,000 and covers four years of study at a U.S. university or college. 


The scholarship is awarded to approximately 60 high school graduates with financial need each year. The JRF scholars exemplify the foundation’s core values of discipline, integrity, courage, humility, and compassion.


Mentoring, leadership development, and job placement opportunities are provided to the scholars. 


They participate in various community service projects throughout their studies. The workshops, seminars, and community service prepare them to be great leaders who can serve their communities.


Benefits of the Robinson Annual Scholarship


  • Provides financial assistance to deserving students in their pursuit of higher education.
  • Offers comprehensive mentoring and leadership development opportunities.
  • Encourages students to pursue their higher education goals.
  • Helps students to develop strong academic, social and moral principles.
  • Offers support for students to network with peers, alumni and professionals.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to develop their own personal leadership style.
  • Supports students to engage in meaningful service projects in their communities.
  • Provides access to career resources and internships.
  • Encourages students to become involved in community activities and organizations.
  • Offers scholarships and grants to cover educational expenses such as tuition, housing, and books.


Jackie Robinson Scholarship Requirements


The following are the application requirements for the Jackie Robinson Annual Scholarship:


  • Interview
  • Recommendation letter
  • Application form
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Passport Photograph


Robinson Annual Scholarship Eligibility


Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible:


  • This award is only available to students in the United States.
  • You must be a US citizen.
  • Must be a minority. Please keep in mind: The Census Bureau’s definition of “minority” is used by the JRF. If the student believes he or she is a member of a minority group, he or she is encouraged to apply.
  • A SAT score of 1000 or higher (critical reading and math only) OR an ACT composite score of 21 or higher are required.
  • At the time of application, you must be a high school senior and intend to attend an accredited, approved four-year institution in the United States in the fall following your high school graduation. Please keep in mind that the student cannot have a degree from a two- or four-year college at the time of application.
  • A commitment to community service is required.


Robinson Annual Scholarship Worth


Up to $7,500 per year, for a total of $30,000 over the course of four years. Plus, the total amount of money that will be awarded to scholarship recipients is $30,000.


Robinson Annual Scholarship Deadline


This scholarship application must be submitted no later than Wednesday, February 1, 2023.


How to Apply for the Robinson Annual Scholarship 


The Jackie Robinson Foundation offers a multi-faceted program that not only assists students in meeting their financial obligations to attend college but also serves as a guide for these students as they navigate the process of earning a college degree.


You can apply by simply logging in or creating an account using this link.


The Criteria Used to Select Recipients of the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship


The applications are evaluated based on several factors, including academic merit, potential for leadership, commitment to community service, and financial need. 


It is anticipated that the applicants will be high-achieving students who exhibit qualities of leadership and a dedication to serving the communities in which they live.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Application for the Jackie Robinson


If you are interested in applying for the Robinson Annual Scholarship, here are some tips on how to ace the application process.


Start Early – The scholarship is highly competitive, so make sure to get started early. Begin your research as soon as possible and review the eligibility requirements, application instructions, and deadline.


Review Your Resume – A strong resume is essential when applying for any scholarship. Make sure your resume highlights your academics, extracurriculars, community service, and leadership experiences.


Write an Outstanding Essay – Essays are a key part of your application package and can be used to showcase your personality and writing ability. Make sure your essay stands out from the competition by giving thoughtful and detailed answers to the questions asked.


Select an appropriate recommender – Choose a recommender who is familiar with you on a personal level and is able to comment on both your academic and extracurricular accomplishments. 

They should be able to speak favorably and accurately about you when discussing other people.


Proofread – Proofreading is critical when it comes to scholarship applications. Make sure to double-check all information for accuracy and that there are no typos or grammar mistakes in your application.


Highlight your best qualities in the essays you submit –  Make use of your essays to demonstrate aspects of your personality, character, and interests that are unique to you. 


Prepare all your documents in advance –  To make the application process go more smoothly, gather the necessary academic and financial documents. Make sure you have everything by using a checklist to organize everything.


Following these tips can help increase your chances of success when applying for the Robinson Annual Scholarship 2023. 




The Jackie Robinson Foundation Annual Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for minority high school students to pursue higher education and achieve their goals. 


This scholarship provides financial and mentoring support to its recipients, helping them to achieve academic and professional success. 


Through the Jackie Robinson Foundation, young people can gain the resources they need to realize their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow. 


The foundation’s mission of equality, justice, and opportunity serves as an inspiration to future generations of leaders.








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