APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship 2023: Apply Now

The APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship will be given to excellent minority graduate students who have shown a commitment to making the lives of people from marginalized groups better. 


After finishing their graduate studies, priority is given to those who want to work in academia, clinical service delivery, or public policy and see their work as helping to improve the lives of marginalized communities. 


Master’s and doctoral students are both welcome to apply.


What is a Scholarship?


A scholarship is a type of financial aid given to students to assist them in paying for their education. 


Scholarships are typically merit- or need-based, and are given to students who have demonstrated academic or other achievements. 


Tuition, books, and other educational expenses may be covered by scholarships.


About The APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship


In memory of his grandmother and mother, Arthur Evans, Jr., PhD, established the Queen and Nellie Evans Fund. 


Evans is the current CEO and executive vice president of the American Psychological Association. 


He is a clinical and community psychologist as well as a healthcare innovator. 


Evans has done a lot as the commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities Services to help people and communities that have been left out of power for a long time. 


Evans has made it possible for APF to give money to graduate students who are working to improve the lives of people in underprivileged communities.


Benefits of the APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship


  • Students who demonstrate financial need and a dedication to furthering their education are eligible to receive financial assistance through this program.
  • Beneficiaries are free to concentrate on their academic pursuits without being concerned about how they will pay for them.
  • It promotes academic excellence and encourages students to continue their education beyond high school.
  • Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as build relationships with other students who have been awarded scholarships.
  • It gives students access to resources and mentors who are able to assist them in achieving their goals.
  • Students who have shown an exceptionally high level of commitment and dedication to their academic pursuits are given recognition for their achievements as a result of this award.
  • By providing assistance to students from all walks of life, it encourages diversity in the realm of higher education.
  • Students are inspired to give back to their communities through activities such as volunteering and other extracurricular pursuits.
  • The recipients have less of a strain on their finances to deal with as a result of this assistance.
  • It gives both the recipients and their families a sense of pride and accomplishment in what they have achieved.


APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship: Eligibility


All applicants must be underrepresented students currently enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs at an accredited institution.


APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship: Criteria


The APF Queen-Nellie Evans scholarship provides funding to a graduate student from an underrepresented group who has demonstrated financial need and is committed to reducing disparities in societal structures and issues that negatively impact communities of color, particularly communities of African descent.


  • Root causes 
  • Interventions 
  • Direct or indirect effects to individual mental and physical health and well-being
  • Broader negative social or psychological effects on the impacted population


Preference is given to those who:


  • Are preparing for a career in academia, clinical service delivery, or public policy; see their work as contributing to the betterment of marginalized communities after finishing their graduate studies; are members of the communities they seek to serve; or
  • have demonstrated experience serving marginalized communities.




You are required to provide the following:


  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • Academic transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Financial need verification documents (FAFSA, EFC, etc.)


APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship: Worth


This scholarship will award a total of $4,000 to its recipients.


APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship: Deadline


This scholarship application must be submitted no later than Monday, January 23, 2023.


How to Apply


You can submit your application via the website right now.


Tips to Sucessfully Ace this Scholarship


  • Check that your application has not only been fully filled out but also that it is free of any mistakes or omissions.
  • Write a comprehensive essay that does a good job of summing up your aspirations and interests.
  • Try to tell your academic prowess and highlight your extracurricular and award-winning activities.
  • Go on then provide accurate references who are able to attest to your academic accomplishments as well as your personal strengths.
  • Show that you are in need of financial assistance and explain how you will benefit from receiving the scholarship.
  • Give an account of how you intend to put the scholarship money to use to advance your education or your career.
  • Show that you are committed to the principles and ideals that the APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship represents.
  • Make sure that the scholarship committee receives all of the required materials within the allotted amount of time.
  • Confirm with the committee that they have received your application by following up with them.
  • Get yourself ready for any additional examinations or interviews that might be necessary to win the scholarship.




The APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship is an excellent opportunity to receive financial assistance for the advancement of both your education and your professional career. 


Because it offers students and their families financial assistance, the scholarship has the potential to have a significant impact on all aspects of their lives. 


You won’t have to stress about how you’re going to pay for your education if you use the money from this scholarship to pursue your educational aspirations.


It is absolutely crucial that you read all of the eligibility requirements and application instructions prior to submitting an application for the APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship if you have any intention of doing so. 


Make it a priority to submit your application as soon as you possibly can to avoid missing any critical cutoff dates.


We have hopes that you have gained some useful knowledge about the APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship after reading this post on our blog. Good luck!


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