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The George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program, named after former US Senator George Mitchell’s pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, is intended to introduce and connect future generations of American leaders to the island of Ireland while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community and public service.


Up to twelve Mitchell Scholars between the ages of 18 and 30 are chosen each year for one academic year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by Irish and Northern Irish institutions of higher learning.


The Mitchell Scholarship Program covers tuition, room and board, as well as a stipend for living expenses and travel. The scholarship is valid from September to May of each academic year.


About The Mitchell Scholarship Program


The Mitchell Scholars Program, named after former US Senator George Mitchell’s hugely significant contribution to the Irish peace process, aims to bring and connect future generations of American leaders to the island of Ireland while recognizing and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community and public service. 


Annually, up to twelve Mitchell Scholars between the ages of 18 and 30 are selected for one year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by Irish institutions of higher learning.


Benefits of the Mitchell Scholarship Program


  • Mitchell Scholars are awarded a generous scholarship package that covers the full cost of tuition, room and board, and other college-related expenses in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • The Mitchell Scholarship Program allows you to connect with other scholars, faculty, and community leaders.
  • Leadership activities such as internships, volunteering, and mentorship are encouraged for scholars.
  • Mitchell Scholars can investigate and learn about Irish culture, from the traditional to the modern.
  • With courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, the program provides a challenging academic experience.
  • Mitchell Scholars have the option of studying abroad in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • Scholars can gain valuable skills for their future careers by participating in workshops and seminars.
  • The program encourages personal development through service learning and other activities.
  • Mitchell Scholars have access to an extensive and supportive alumni network.
  • Career counseling and job search assistance are available to scholars.


Mitchell Scholarship: Eligibility

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible:


  • This award is only available to students in the United States.
  • You must be a US citizen.
  • Be at least 18 years old but not yet 30 on the application deadline. If the deadline is September 29 and you turn 30 on September 28, you are ineligible.
  • Before beginning your studies as a Mitchell Scholar, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. If all other requirements are met, degrees from internationally accredited universities are acceptable.
  • While married or partner applicants are accepted, no allowance is made for an applicant’s spouse, partner, or dependents’ expenses. It is important to note that the relevant government agency in Ireland or Northern Ireland may require non-EU citizens’ spouses/partners to demonstrate financial resources for the year in order to obtain the necessary visa.


Mitchell Scholarship: Requirements


The following are the application requirements for the Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship:


  • Application form
  • Essay 
  • Scan transcripts into a single PDF (please block out your Social Security number if visible). Any undergraduate and graduate work you have done should be listed here. Transcripts that are not official will do for the initial application. Before their final interview, finalists must submit official transcripts.
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • FAFSA 
  • Fin. aid award letter
  • Attendance confirmation
  • Personal statement (1,000 words maximum). Your chance to discuss why the Mitchell Scholarship and/or studying in Ireland and/or Northern Ireland makes sense for your future goals and passions is in your personal statement.
  • Copy of your signature scanned (JPG, PNG, PDF).
  • Passport-style photo (JPG, PNG, PDF)


Mitchell Scholarship Criteria


Scholarship candidates are chosen based on their academic performance and potential, past volunteerism, and financial need.




Each August, the Mitchell Institute hosts a brunch for newly chosen Mitchell Scholars and their families. 


The newest class of Mitchell Scholars is welcomed and congratulated by Senator George Mitchell, the staff of the Mitchell Institute, previous scholars, and board members. 


Additionally, scholars can go to the M.I.L.E. weekend. The improvement of leadership and professional skills is the main goal of this activity. 


Once in the summer and once in the winter, weekends are held. A different chance for academics is the summer fellowship. 


These fellowships give Mitchell Scholars stipends that let them accept jobs that would otherwise put them in a difficult financial situation. In exchange, the scholars agree to participate in a community service project.


Scholarship Worth


$2,250 per year, renewable for up to three years for students pursuing a four-year degree or one year for students pursuing a two-year degree. 


The total amount of money awarded for this scholarship is $9,000.




The scholarship deadline is April 1st.


How to Apply


Visit their website to start the application process.


Tips to Ace the Application


  • Study the program and learn about the selection criteria. Read the biographies of previous Mitchell Scholars to get a sense of the kind of candidates the program seeks.
  • Use the program’s resources to better understand the selection process and what the selection committee is looking for.
  • Prepare a well-written personal statement that emphasizes your skills and experiences.
  • Practice for the interview with program alumni and/or mock interviews.
  • Obtain strong letters of recommendation from faculty, mentors, and professionals who can attest to your qualifications and qualities.
  • Create a strong research project that demonstrates your interest in the field as well as your creative thinking.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the Mitchell Scholarship Program’s emphasis on public service and your willingness to serve.
  • Clearly show an interest in Irish culture and consider how you can help to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Ireland.
  • Create a timeline and set realistic goals to help you stay on track during the application process.
  • Seek advice from faculty and staff who are familiar with the program and can offer guidance.




The Mitchell Scholarship Program is a fantastic way to gain valuable experience, explore new cultures, and form lifelong friendships. 


The Mitchell Scholarship application process is both rewarding and difficult, but it is well worth the effort. 


You will have a better chance of success in this prestigious program if you do your research, prepare, and stay organized.


Keep in mind that this is a competitive program, and deadlines must be respected. Best wishes to all applicants!

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