University of Alberta International Country Scholarship


The University of Alberta International Country Scholarship is a form of tuition fee award to international students admitted to study at the University of Alberta. The University awards $32 million each year in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and financial support to all kinds of students.


The University of Alberta administers over $34 million in scholarships and financial support each year, including entrance awards that you will be automatically considered for when you apply.


Overview Of University of Alberta International Country Scholarship


Since its inception in 1908, the University of Alberta has grown to become one of Canada’s best comprehensive academic research universities (CARU). The quality of education offered at the institution and its reputation over the years attract students from all over the world. Such excellence in academics can be attributed to the availability of enough tutors making the student-to-staff ratio fall at around nine.


This public research university comprises five campuses, with the main one located in Edmonton, Alberta. It currently offers study programs in just about every field leading to globally recognized undergraduate and graduate credentials. In this article, we will be looking at the University of Alberta scholarships for international students.


In 2017, 87 million CAD was provided to 17,130 domestic and international bachelor students of UAlberta. As a new UG student at the University of Alberta, applicants can avail scholarships where they may or may not have to complete a separate scholarship application form.


University of Alberta International Scholarships 2023 


These scholarships are awarded automatically, requiring no application, to meriting students at the time of admission. 


They include;


  • International Admission Scholarship: Top students could receive up to $5,000 CAD, depending on admission average.


  • Regional Excellence Scholarship: Top students from certain regions could receive up to $5,000 CAD, based on admission average.


  • Gold Standard Scholarship: The top 5% of students in each faculty could receive up to $6,000, depending on admission average.


University of Alberta International Country Scholarship Value


The duration and value of the allotted University of Alberta Scholarships are outlined in the recipient’s offer letter. International students will be sent this offer letter before they leave their home country and arrive to study in Canada. The scholarship award payments are made in arrears:


UAlberta Scholarships valued up to 6,000 CAD are paid in a one-time payment, within the period notified in the offer letter.

Scholarships and awards over 6,000 CAD and up to 12,000 CAD are usually paid in two equal installments. Payment is done at the commencement of two successive academic terms.


In some cases, the payment of the second installment is dependent on the recipient’s performance and adherence to award regulations. 


University of Alberta scholarships valued over 12,000 CAD are dispersed in equal semi-monthly installments.


General Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet the following academic criteria for entrance scholarships and awards:


Present an admission average that meets or exceeds those required for the specific scholarship or award.


Be entering university directly from high school with fewer than 12 credits of university course work taken during high school or following time taken off between high school and university, provided that no post-secondary credit was received during that time.


Be entering the first year of full-time studies in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta in September of the upcoming year.


Additional scholarship criteria may apply. Candidate eligibility for specific scholarships will be assessed based on their admission information and their scholarship application. Our scholarship and award competitions are competitive; there is no guarantee that meeting eligibility will result in a scholarship or award offer.


Entrance award offers are conditional on the accuracy of your self-recorded grades. If there is a discrepancy between your self-recorded grades and your final official transcript, your award offer could be revoked.


How to Apply 

Apply for admission to your desired program to receive a CCID and password to apply for scholarships.  Please note that it can take 2-3 business days for a CCID to be generated.


Apply online through the university’s page here.

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