Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge

Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge is one of the oldest international scholarships available to applicants in the United States and U.S. territories. Named after Cecil J. Rhodes, a British businessman and politician, the Rhodes Scholarship provides qualified applicants with full tuition assistance to attend the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Each year, 32 applicants are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership qualities and community service.


Overview Of The Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge


The Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge was created in 1902 through the will of Cecil John Rhodes, a 19th-century British businessman and politician in southern Africa. It’s worth noting that there have been some debates over the program’s name, as Rhodes was an imperialist with a controversial history worldwide. For now, it’s still the Rhodes Scholarship. One thing the scholarship still draws from its roots is Rhodes’ stated goal to encourage international understanding and unity in the English-speaking world through the development of future leaders.


While originally restricted to young men from specific countries, today the Rhodes Scholarship is open to applicants of all genders from across the world. It aims to select promising young people to promote mutual understanding between countries and to foster future leadership that will change the world for the better.  Understanding this focus on bettering the world is the key to a successful Rhodes application—we’ll discuss this more later on.


Some Courses Offered 


  • Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products DPhil


  • Advanced Computer Science MSc


  • African Studies MSc


  • Ancient Philosophy MSt


  • Faculty of Philosophy


  • Anthropology DPhil


  • Ethnography


  • Anthropology DPhil


  • Applied Cancer Science MSc


  • Health Sciences


  • Applied Landscape Archaeology MSc


  • Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition MSc


  • Applied Theology MTh


  • Archaeological Science 


  • Architectural History DPhil


  • Area Studies DPhil


  • Artificial Intelligence for Business PGDip


  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies DPhil


Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge Scholarship Value


In most cases, the Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge covers the costs of two years of study at Oxford. If awarded a Rhodes, you can expect to receive the following:


  • All Oxford University and College fees covered, including the University application fee


  • A living stipend (during the 2021–2022 academic year, the stipend is £17,310 which converts to approximately $23,700 USD)


  • A settling-in allowance of £250 (~$350 USD), received upon arrival in Oxford


  • Roundtrip economy airfare to and from the United Kingdom


  • Fees covered for visas and healthcare


Rhodes Scholarship Community Merit Badge Eligibility Criteria

Rhodes Scholars are selected by Rhodes constituencies. A Rhodes constituency is the organization that administers the scholarship in a particular country or region.


Each constituency has its own eligibility criteria in regards to age, academic accomplishments, residency, citizenship, and so forth, so you’ll need to check the requirements for your country or region.


All Rhodes applicants fall into one of four categories when deciding how to apply for a scholarship:


  • Jurisdictional: You meet the eligibility requirements for only one constituency—you should apply to that constituency.


  • Multi-jurisdictional: You meet the eligibility requirements for more than one constituency—you should apply to the constituency that you feel the strongest connection to.


  • Inter-jurisdictional: You don’t meet the eligibility requirements for any constituency, but you have a “sustained and verifiable” connection to two or more constituencies. In this case, you’ll apply to the constituency that you have the strongest connection to, despite not meeting all of its eligibility requirements (however, certain criteria such as age and academic requirements cannot be waived).


  • Global: You don’t meet the eligibility requirements for any constituency, nor do you have a connection to two or more constituencies. In this scenario, you can apply for a Global Scholarship, of which there are two available each year.


Selection Criteria


The Rhodes Scholarship outlines four criteria to be used in selecting scholars:


Academic excellence


Energy to use your talents to the full (this means evidence of mastery in non-academic areas, such as sports, the arts, debate, activism, or other extracurriculars, and also includes demonstrations of your capacity for teamwork)


Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness, and fellowship


Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings


Application Process


Each Rhodes constituency has their own application process.


Click here to check the application process of your constituency.




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