Destination Australia Scholarships

Destination Australia Scholarships is an Australian Government supported scholarship, but the scholarship is for applicants enrolling at all levels of educational training beginning from Certificate IV to doctoral level. The scholarship is a fully funded scholarship and it is for applicants who demonstrate excellent academic potential.


Overview Of The Destination Australia Scholarships


Destination Australia Scholarships are funded by the Commonwealth Government, and are designed to attract and support students who choose to live and study in regional communities.


Each Scholarship provides $15,000* per student per year of course enrolment to support costs for living and studying in regional Australia.


Destination Australia Scholarships Value


The 2023 round of the program offers scholarship funding of up to $15,000 per student, per year, for approximately 480 domestic and international students commencing their studies in 2023.


Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship Program, applicants must opt for a full-time:


  • Residential certificate IV/Certificate IV/Accredited Diploma/ Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree




  • Bachelor Degree/Bachelors Honours Degree




  • Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma/Masters degree




  • Doctoral degree at any partner institution.


Along with the choice of program, international students are required to fulfill the following criteria:


  • Be a full fee-paying, non-sponsored student.


  • Minimum 75% in the previous level of education.


  • Have a valid Australian student visa.


  • Enrolled in a full time degree in university campus situated in regional Australia for academic year 2021.


  • Maintain ongoing residency in a regional area in Australia.


  • Study a tertiary education course at the registered university.


Application Process


  • Submit an application for an eligible course of study.


  • Write and submit a one-page statement demonstrating “How Destination Australia Scholarship will assist you in reaching your career goals and how it will help you make tomorrow better.”


  • The assessment panel will evaluate your application and SOP for the scholarships.


  • Outcome notifications will be sent via university to successful candidates. All unsuccessful candidates will also be notified.


  • Selected students will have to confirm their acceptance of Destination Australia Scholarship within the specified time and via a specific mode of confirmation like email.


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