Princeton university financial aid

Princeton university financial aid is one of the most generous financial aids available. Few universities, including Princeton, offer the same financial help to international students.


They use their own streamlined formula to estimate a family’s financial capacity. With Princeton’s no-loan policy, student debts are replaced by grant money that they don’t have to pay back, allowing them to graduate with little to no debt.


Princeton university financial aid Value


With a household income of up to $160,000, students accepted to the Class of 2025 who requested aid often do not pay tuition.


  • About 62% of undergraduate students receive financial aid at Princeton.


  • Over 3,200 undergraduate students will receive grants worth an estimated 212 million dollars in 2021–2022.


  • For the Class of 2025, the average grant was $62,200, which is equal to the full cost of Princeton’s tuition.


  • Full tuition, lodging, and board are covered under the aid package for families earning up to $65,000 annually.


  • The Federal Pell Grant is available to 22% of the Class of 2025 based on financial need.


  • All families earning up to $180,000 annually for the Class of 2025 were eligible for financial help.


  • 83% of recent graduates were debt-free. The average amount owed by seniors who borrowed at graduation was $9,600.


Application Process


Both domestic and foreign applicants can utilize the Princeton Financial Aid Application, which is free and simple to use.


  • You are free to keep your information and come back to the application as much as you like before submitting; Princeton will let you know when they have received your application.


  • Your application cannot be viewed or updated after it has been submitted. Before submitting, print or save a copy of the application. Any updated information must be uploaded, mailed, faxed, or emailed.


  • The CSS Profile is neither required nor accepted when applying for financial aid at Princeton.


  • As they offer helpful advice for filling out your application, Princeton suggests that you check the Family and Household Status, Income Documentation, and Reporting Your Assets and Expenses sections.


  • Include a copy of your parents’ W-2 statements and 2021 tax return in the upload.


  • You will be able to upload tax papers after submitting the PFAA. The relevant document type field can be used to upload the necessary documents. Additional documents can be added using the “other” field if necessary


  • The federal income tax return (Form 1040), all schedules, W-2 statements, and schedule K-1s, if applicable, must be uploaded with the tax return.


  • You must substitute a different document in place of your parent(s)’ US tax return if they don’t file one.
  • Check the Income Documentation page to make sure you’re submitting the right data.


  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • A FAFSA must be submitted as part of your aid application if you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. 


  • To guarantee that Princeton receives your completed FAFSA, be sure to enter the federal school code 002627 for Princeton.
  • 4. Provide information about non-custodial parents
  • If your custodial parent has not (re)married and your parents are divorced, separated, or living apart in different households, you must fill out the noncustodial parent’s form in order to be considered for need-based aid at Princeton.


Click here to apply for the Princeton university financial aid.

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