The Beit Trust Scholarships

The Beit Trust Scholarships offers international master’s degree and PhD scholarships for African students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe to study in the UK, Ireland or South Africa at a leading university. Applicants need to have been accepted into the university to be eligible for the Beit Trust scholarship.


The Beit Trust Scholarships Summary


Application deadline: 20 February 2023


Number of awards: Not specified 


Duration of Scholarship: Duration of 1 year in UK, and 2 yrs in SA


Eligible Countries: Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe


To be taken at (country): United Kingdom or South Africa


Eligible Field of Study: A subject of the individual’s choice appropriate to the needs of the beneficial area


Overview Of The The Beit Trust Scholarships 


The Beit Trust was established in 1906 through the Will of Alfred Beit, a financier and philanthropist. Up to twenty Beit Scholarships are awarded each year, jointly funded with partner universities like Cambridge.


They are open to nationals of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi who are also permanently resident in their countries (and to those nationals only). Applicants must have a conditional offer from Cambridge before applying to the Beit Trust, via the website:  


Two Beit-Cambridge Scholarships are available annually and the selection process is competitive. Applicants must have at least an Upper Second undergraduate degree (2:1), in a subject of developmental benefit to their home country. Work experience in a relevant field is strongly recommended between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; and the Trust welcomes evidence of leadership potential in applicants’ chosen specialisations.


The Beit Trust offers annually a number of Postgraduate Masters or PhD Scholarships abroad for  studies or research to graduates who are domiciled in (the beneficial area).


The next round of Beit Scholarships to be awarded is for the academic year beginning September 2023 for universities in the UK; and January 2024 for universities in South Africa.


The Beit Trust Scholarships Value


  • Fees, tuition costs and related academic expenses. These are paid by the Trust directly to the Partner Universities.


  • A personal allowance, index-linked in accordance with guidance from an independent authority, covering maintenance support.


  • Other allowances are paid for arrival, a laptop and departure.


  • Economy Class tickets are provided for the initial journey to the place of study, and on final return.


  • No allowances are paid for spouses and other family members or dependants.


  • The Trust will also address any expenses that may arise in 2023/24 as a result of residual Covid protocols.


The Beit Trust Scholarships Eligibility Criteria


  • By Act of Parliament, the Beit Trust supports ONLY students who are nationals of Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi, who hold permanent residence, live there and/or intend to return to their country after their studies.


  • Applicants (except medical and veterinary doctors) must be under 30 years of age on 31 December 2022. 


  • Relevant experience of work after completion of a first degree is strongly recommended and will count towards the award of a scholarship.


  • Doctors and Vets must be under 35 years of age on 31 December 2022. They should have completed 18 months of internship, and a one-year, preferably rural, posting in Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi.


  • The Trust cannot consider applications from those who have already begun a course.


  • The Trust will only consider applicants with First Class/Distinction or Upper Second Class degrees (or equivalent) at undergraduate level.


How to apply for a Beit Postgraduate Scholarship


For UK Partner University applications:


  1. Make your application for admission directly to one or more of the Partner Universities, and only to those universities. Please apply via their websites, which will guide you.


  1. Notify the relevant university, as part of your study application, that you will be approaching the Beit Trust for scholarship funding.


  1. As long as the course/s you wish to pursue are available, you may apply to more than one Partner University at a time. Indeed, we recommend you do so, to increase your chances of acceptance, and to broaden the scholarship opportunities available.


  1. Once you have an offer from your chosen Partner University, you should apply as early as possible to The Beit Trust for a scholarship.


  1. Your application, with all the supporting documents, must be uploaded via the Scholarship application link.


  1. You need three referees: Academic, Character and Employer (as appropriate). They have separate and individual forms, the link for which must be forwarded to them by you, the applicant. The link becomes available once you have submitted your scholarship application form electronically.


  1. We prefer referees to use the link provided in the application form. If, however, they can only provide their reference by email, please forward them the relevant forms, which you can download below.


For South African Partner University applications:


  • Due to the South African University application process opening after our Scholarship application deadline of 20 February 2023, we will accept scholarship applications for South African Universities for the year 2024/2025 without a confirmed offer.


  • Please follow steps 3 to 7 above. When you are asked to upload your university offer letter, please provide instead the details of the courses and universities that you will be applying for, in PDF format. Your scholarship application will then be considered alongside the applicants for UK universities, as part of the same entry year cohort.


  • The Trust will sift your application as part of our selection process. If you are successful and shortlisted for an interview, you will go to the relevant Beit Trust national selection Board.


  • If you are then offered a scholarship from the Trust – and not all those selected for interview receive an offer – you will then need to apply for entry to a South African Partner University (as set out in the website). You may indicate in your application that you have been awarded a Beit Scholarship.


Selection Criteria 


  • Prospective applicants must hold at least a degree of class 2.1, i.e. Merit or Distinction.


  • Only those applicants who state that they intend to return to work in the relevant country upon completion of the scholarship, and who can, if short-listed, present themselves for interview before a Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Selection Board in Harare, Blantyre or Lusaka at the beginning of December, will be considered.


  • The selectors favour practical and useful disciplines that are likely to offer a clear benefit to the beneficial area.


  • Because of their high cost, MBAs and PhDs are very seldom awarded in the UK, but a taught MBA at an established university in South Africa is acceptable.


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