Ireland International Scholarships

The Government of Ireland is offering international students scholarships under its Ireland International Scholarships Programme.


The Ireland International Scholarships are designed for international students who have the potential to be future leaders in their field and are dedicated to making a difference in the world.


The programme provides funding for one year of study at Irish higher education institutions for talented international students. The programme is managed by Ireland’s Higher Education Authority


Under the initiative, scholarships will be provided for one year of study at Masters or PhD levels to successful candidates who have an offer of a place at an eligible Irish higher education institution.


Government Funded Scholarships in Ireland


Government of Ireland Scholarships


Under the Government of Ireland Scholarships initiative 60 scholarships are awarded by the Government of Ireland to the students with high caliber for a period of 1 year.


Benefits: 10.000 Euro stipend for one year of study and a full fee waiver of tuition and registration costs at higher education institutions.


Application Deadline: March 20


Apply at:


Centenary Scholarship Program


The scholarship program for students from Brazil, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA. 


Benefits: One-year tuition-free


Deadlines: May


Apply at:


Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate 


Scholarships for International Students

A scholarship program has been introduced by the Central Bank of Ireland for students undertaking a fully funded part-time honors degree.


Benefits: $29,550 annual salary, 24 days’ annual leave, educational assistance and paid leave, etc.


Application Deadline: August 12


Apply at:


Scholarships for Ontario College Graduates


Ontario College students can complete honours degree programs in Ireland. Graduates of two-year college programs in Ontario securing an honours degree can pursue two further years of study in Ireland.


Benefits: Tuition fee reduced by 15%, up to $7,600


Application Deadline: May 31


Apply at:


The Walsh Fellowships


The Walsh Fellowships are awarded to international graduates seeking research opportunities in agricultural and food research in Ireland. 30 new students are awarded this fellowship each year .


Benefits: 22,000 Euros grant each year

Duration for which stipend awards are offered are 2 years for Msc course and four years for PhD course. The prefered location for research is Teagasc Research Center. 


Non-research PG students are not eligible for sending in their requests for Walsh Fellowships. 


Application Deadline: 10 September


Apply at:


Scholarships in Ireland offered by Universities


When you study in Ireland, many higher education institutions offer a variety of scholarships to international students.


NUI Galway International Students Scholarships


Non- EU meritorious students can get this scholarship if enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs.


Benefits: Scheme specific awards amounting from $2,200- $5,700 for UG and PG students. 


In some schemes, tuition fee is waived, while for research candidates, an allowance of $18,300 is awarded yearly.


Application Deadline: Varies as per the scheme


Apply at:


Centenary scholarship program


For applicants from Non EEA/ EU Countries pursuing full-time Masters’ program, Centenary scholarship program is open. Scholarship is available for students enrolled in Dublin Institute of Technology.


Benefits: One half of the tuition fee will be waived


Application Deadline: 18 May


Apply at:


Maynooth University Scholarships 


A wide range of scholarships are available for upcoming undergraduate and postgraduate students at Maynooth University. 


The types of scholarships available are- Sport Scholarship, Entrance Scholarship, Michael Osborne Scholarship, Music Scholarship, Intel Women in Technology Scholarship, etc.


Benefits: Awards amounting to $1,200- $3,440 per year under different schemes


Application Deadline: Varies as per the type of scholarship


Apply at:


University College Cork Excellence Scholarships (PhD)


Excellence Scholarships are available to intended PhD degree pursuers for both, EU and Non-EU students of University College Cork. 


Benefits: Funding covers EU fee only, for Non-EU students, balance has to be paid.


Application Deadline: April 20


Apply at:  


Trinity College Dublin Scholarships


Scholarships of varying types for global students or students from specific countries are awarded at Trinity College Dublin. The amount, dates and scholarship conditions differ for each scheme.


Benefits: scholarship value ranges from $5,700- $11,400 depending on the type


Application Deadline: Varies


Apply at:


Ireland International Scholarships Selection Criteria


Having a number of scholarships to choose from may help you in finding the one that covers the expenses as per your needs, but these are highly competitive awards with strict and stringent admission criteria. To get scholarships in Ireland as international students, you must:


  • Good academic scores


  • Have volunteering experiences


  • Have written proposals, if required for research program scholarships
  • letter of recommendations, if required


  • Having English language proficiency, which international students can prove through exams scores of TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc


  • Each and every one has its own selection criteria, some may ask for a mere application while some have additional requirements to be fulfilled. You can also contact the awarding agency to find out more details on the selection criteria. 


Application Process For The Ireland International Scholarships


Before filling the online application for scholarships in Ireland, students must not miss out on the following points:


  • Fill in exact details that an application reviewer might want to see and assess.


  • Make a competent CV.


  • Letter of recommendation from your home university can be very helpful.


  • Effectively write a letter to a professor requesting a Ph.D. or Post Doctoral position in his or her lab.


  • Convey clear thoughts to avoid unforeseen misunderstandings.


  • Mention a clear reason why you need a scholarship and why you should be nominated.


  • Letter of motivation must include information about the benefits you tend to bring to the host university.


  • Submit your application well before the deadline.


Next Step


After being nominated for a scholarship, an international student must perform the following tasks:


  • Write a formal letter to the scholarship coordinator for accepting or declining the scholarship offer.


  • After accepting the offer, ask for proof of the scholarship to apply for student visa.


  • Have an estimate of costs for the following year, accordingly plan the expenditures within the scholarship budget. Find out more scholarships to study in Ireland and plan your expenditures adjusted accordingly.


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