The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship

The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship is for international students looking to research human origins.


Application Deadline: March 1, 2023


Scholarship Amount: Varies


Overview Of The The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship


Leaky Foundation offering Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships for researchers and understudies of a developing nation who wish to acquire a propelled degree from an organization outside the understudy’s home country, this grant is for a program of endorsed, propelled unique preparing or concentrates driving towards a MA or PhD. The Baldwin Cooperation program depends on a practical appraisal of necessities and priorities. The Baldwin Associations were the brainchild of previous Board President Dr. Edwin Munger and Elisabeth G. O’Connor, the daughter of Franklin Mosher Baldwin.


The Franklin Mosher Baldwin Fellowship program for developing countries is based on a realistic assessment of needs and priorities. Many developing nations possess extraordinary resources in the field of prehistory. The stewardship and careful use of these assets is a task of international importance. By enabling bright young scholars to obtain graduate education, the Leakey Foundation is helping to equip these individuals to assume a leadership role in the future of paleoanthropology.


The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship Summary 


Offered Since: 1978. More than 70 Baldwin Fellowships have been awarded.


Type: This award is for a program of approved, advanced special training or studies leading towards an MA or PhD.


Number of Scholarship: Several


Scholarship Worth: Awards are limited to two years. The maximum award is limited to $15,000 per year.


Duration of Scholarship: This award is limited to a program of two years.


Eligible Countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Republic of Congo and other developing countries


The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship Selection Criteria


Candidates must be prepared to demonstrate:


  • Affiliation and/or employment with an institution in their home country.


  • Provisional acceptance (or evidence of application) to the host institution.


  • Financial assistance from the host institution.


  • Intention to return and work in the home country upon completion of training.


  • Eligibility: Human origins scholars from developing nations seeking advanced degrees (M.A./M.S. or Ph.D.) are eligible for Baldwin Fellowships.


If you are thinking of applying for a Baldwin Fellowship ask yourself the following questions:


  • Am I enrolled in a M.A., M.S., Ph.D. or equivalent program related to the study of human origins or evolution?


  • Have I been accepted or have a provisional acceptance to a host institution?


  • Do I have financial assistance from the host institution?


  • Do I intend to return and work in my home country upon completion of training?


  • If your answer is “Yes” to all of the above questions, you will likely be eligible to receive a Baldwin Fellowship.


If you are concerned as to whether your research topic is eligible, contact the Foundation at least a month ahead of the application deadline.


Eligibility Criteria


  • Applicant should be citizen of developing countries


  • The candidate must have a Home Support who is an individual from the organization where the candidate is partnered in the nation of origin


  • The candidate must have a Host Support who is an individual from the foundation which the hopeful intends to seek after preparing. 


  • The applicant should be made an honor, the Host Support must accept accountability for regulating the competitor’s preparation. 


  • Since the Baldwin Association is proposed to be an organization between the hopeful and both the Home and Host Foundations, it is normal that competitors will be offered bolster by these establishments as monetary help, endless supply of preparation, and work in the nation of origin.


Application Process 


  • The first completed formal application should arrive at the Establishment office by deadline to be considered for funding in the accompanying scholarly year, which starts in the fall. 


  • A copy of the application must be sent to the Host Supporter for his/her mark. 


  • Kindly educate the Host Support to forward this second signed copy to our office. 
  • Formal letters of support from both the Home and Host Supporters should likewise arrive at the workplace by this due date.


Click here to apply for the The Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellowship

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