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Young Harris College Us, Private liberal arts college known as Young Harris College is situated in Young Harris, Georgia, in the United States. It is connected to the United Methodist Church and was established in 1886. The college grants bachelor’s degrees in a number of disciplines, including business, education, music, theatre, and more.

Around 1,200 students attend the college, and the student to faculty ratio there is 12:1. This enables professors to provide individualized attention and fosters a sense of community among students.

The school is situated in the picturesque North Georgia mountains, giving students a stunning natural setting in which to learn and explore. With facilities that have received LEED certification, a campus garden, and a dedication to lowering its carbon footprint, the college has a strong commitment to sustainability.

Young Harris College boasts a multicultural student body and provides a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and volunteer opportunities. The college is renowned for its reputable academic offerings, individualized faculty care, and dedication to the education of the full person.

Young Harris College Us

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how to apply for Young Harris College Us

To apply to Young Harris College, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Young Harris College website at and click on the “Apply” button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Create an account on the application portal, which will allow you to save your progress and return to your application at any time.
  • Complete the application form, which includes personal information, academic history, and extracurricular activities. Be sure to fill out all required fields and double-check your information for accuracy.
  • Submit your high school transcripts and any college transcripts if you have previously attended college. Submit your standardized test scores, either the SAT or ACT.
  • Young Harris College is test-optional, but submitting scores can strengthen your application. Write a personal statement, which is an opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and accomplishments.
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines provided and proofread your statement before submitting it. Submit at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor who knows you well and can speak to your academic abilities and character. Pay the application fee.
  • Young Harris College’s application fee is $25.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to follow up with any additional information or documentation that may be requested by the admissions office. Good luck with your application

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perks of Young Harris College United States

The advantages of attending Young Harris College include:

  • Strong academic offerings: Young Harris College provides challenging academic programs in a range of subjects, such as business, education, music, theatre, and more. The college is dedicated to giving students a well-rounded education that will help them succeed in both their academic and professional endeavors.
  • With a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, Young Harris College students receive individualized attention from faculty members who are committed to their success. Professors are approachable and helpful, and they collaborate closely with students to support them in achieving their academic and professional objectives.
  • Young Harris College is situated in the picturesque North Georgia mountains, offering students a stunning natural setting in which to learn and explore. The site is home to a variety of species and offers wonderful views of the mountains in the area. 
  • Students at Young Harris College come from all around the world and the United States, making up its varied student body. Due to this diversity, learning environments are rich and help students succeed in a global world. 
  • Athletics, clubs and groups, and volunteer opportunities are just a few of the extracurricular activities that Young Harris College provides. These experiences give students the chance to grow as leaders, form bonds with others, and improve the communities in which they live.
  • Young Harris College is dedicated to sustainability and has taken a number of steps to lessen its carbon footprint, such as building LEED-certified structures, a campus garden, and an emphasis on energy efficiency and conservation. This dedication to sustainability equips students to become responsible, environmentally conscious, and dedicated global citizens who are committed to building a more sustainable future

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Young Harris College Us eligibility

Located in the highlands of North Georgia, Young Harris College is a private, four-year liberal arts institution. The following admission criteria must be met by potential students in order to attend Young Harris College:

  • The requirement for applicants is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students who are homeschooled are also welcome to apply.
  • Standardized Tests: Applicants must submit their scores from either the SAT or ACT.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Young Harris College requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 for admission. However, the average GPA of admitted students is around 3.6.
  • English Language Proficiency: Non-native English speakers must provide TOEFL or IELTS scores as proof of their English language ability.
  • Online applications, official transcripts, test results, and a personal statement are required of candidates.
  • Financial aid: Young Harris College provides qualified students with a range of scholarships, grants, and loans. Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form in order to be considered for financial aid.

It is significant to highlight that, because admission to Young Harris College is difficult, completing the aforementioned standards does not ensure admission. The college examines each applicant holistically, taking into account their personal traits, extracurricular activity, and academic accomplishments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Young Harris College is a private institution.

A private, four-year liberal arts college, Young Harris College is situated in Young Harris, Georgia, in the United States. It was established in 1886 and has received accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Which university is in Young Harris?

Young Harris College is a private, four-year liberal arts college that is situated in Young Harris, Georgia. In addition to Business and Public Policy, Communication Studies, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Sport and Recreation Studies, the college also offers undergraduate degrees in a number of other disciplines. Pre-law and pre-med are just two of the pre-professional courses that Young Harris College provides.

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How much does Young Harris College cost?

Young Harris College’s annual tuition for the 2022–2023 academic year is $35,350. This is the full-time student tuition, which covers all fees as well as accommodation and board. Young Harris College additionally provides a range of financial aid options, such as loans, grants, and scholarships, to assist students in defraying the cost of education. The college is dedicated to making a top-notch education accessible to all students, and for those who qualify, the financial aid packages it offers can drastically lower the cost of tuition.

How much of a GPA must you have to enroll in Young Harris College?

For admission to Young Harris College, a 2.5 GPA is required. The average GPA of accepted students is, however, about 3.6. It’s crucial to remember that reaching the minimum GPA standard does not guarantee admission to Young Harris College. Instead, the college examines each candidate holistically, taking into account their academic performance, extracurricular engagement, community service, and personal traits. As a result, having a higher GPA can improve your chances of getting accepted, but it’s not the only thing the college looks at.

How to Apply 

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